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3 Ways To Keep Your Fragrances Longer

Perfumers put a lot of effort into packaging so products are visually appealing. As a result, magnificent perfume bottles often become the centerpiece in a bedroom or bathroom vanity. But did you know that displaying your fragrances that way can damage your fragrance?

Fragrance oils are finicky. They react to the environment they live in, and they require a specific storage routine to last the longest possible shelf life. Store them inadequately and your fragrances will get discolored, lose its intensity, or even get sour!

Here are 3 ways to store your fragrances to keep them longer.


Keep them in the dark

There is nothing more beautiful than a ray of light hitting a perfume bottle... However, there is also nothing more harmful! Natural and artificial light can break down the chemical compounds of a fragrance. If your fragrance is exposed to light for a long period of time, youโ€™ll end up with a perfume that smells funny and doesnโ€™t last long.

Tip 1: Find a spot that is dark and away from powerful light sources such as a closet or a cupboard.


Keep them cool

Fragrance oils react to heat. Whenever you wear a fragrance, the heat of your body helps it โ€œexpressโ€ itself. So, when you store your fragrance in a place that is too warm, it starts the โ€œexpression processโ€ within the bottle and shortens its lifespan outside of the bottle.

Fragrances need stability and consistency. Many of us like to keep our bottles in the washroom where the temperature can change quickly and often, damaging fragrance oils.

Tip 2: Find a spot where the temperature is consistently cool. Your fragrance will thank you. Some people even store their fragrances in the fridge where they can easily control the temperature.


Keep them sealed

Moisture often causes undesirable reactions, such as mold,ย which can be fatal to fragrances. Likewise, air exposure can cause fragrances to evaporate and/or oxidize. So, when you combine both moisture and air, you are in for an explosive combo. To prevent potential damage, make sure your fragrances are kept in airtight containers.

Tip 3: The best way to keep your fragrances in pristine condition is to keep them in their original bottles and boxes. Youโ€™ll avoid exposing them to moisture, oxygen, and other elements that could damage them.

Stay Fresh!


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